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Author Miranda Esmonde-White 

In recent years the field of aging research has exploded with new clinical findings. Many widely accepted ideas about aging—including those about the inevitability of our declining metabolism, our dying brain cells, and our deteriorating muscles and bones—have been debunked. Today we know that the physical signs of aging are far more a product of lifestyle choices than of calendar years. Aging Backwards offers an exciting and comprehensive plan for actively slowing down and even reversing the aging process through gentle exercise that develops strong, flexible muscles.

In this updated and revised edition of Aging Backwards, Miranda Esmonde-White offers the tried-and-true program that has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, as well as new insights into the science of aging. In particular, she explains how engaging the fascia—the collagen-rich connective tissue that protects, supports, and literally binds our body together—is essential for preventing joint problems, arthritis, stiffness, and injury. Using the Essentrics program, readers can build core strength, strengthen and tone muscle, increase flexibility, and speed weight loss, all in just 30 minutes a day. Aging Backwards empowers everyone—young and old, athletic and sedentary—with the information and tools to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Aging Backwards Reviews

“I read  Aging Backward nd was totally convinced it was exactly what I needed. I started the first set of stretching exercises. At half-way through I had to stop. I tore my rotator cuff – on my strong arm no less. So my caution is this, this is great even for a couch potato, however, it is not the thing for a broken couch potato. Also, start slow as she suggests until you know how much your body can handle!”

“I was most pleased with my purchase and have already begun using theses stretching exercises at the gym.”

“Just wanted to share my experience with following the first exercise. Given the speed with which the first exercise helped me, I have hope that I will benefit from the rest of the exercises. I suppose it was the exact right exercise for my personal condition, and most likely, this one exercise isn’t a cure-all for everyone. But, no doubt, there are others like me who may be helped just as quickly. It kind of makes me angry that this information isn’t widely known and shared. I’ve spent years in pain unnecessarily! Our health care system does need to undergo a revolution of sorts. (I’ll be back in a month or two to report if the other exercises are helpful to me). Thank you so much for the book!!!”

“A friend recommended Aging Backward after trying the strengthening and stretching exercises described within it so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s a bit surprising that such relatively simple exercises can be very effective in relieving stiffness, pain, and increasing strength. I was skeptical about the author after seeing her for so many years on PBS but now I get it!”

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