Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams

A Complete Beginning Yoga Practice for Midlife (40’s – 70’s) to Increase Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Good Posture, and Overall Well-Being

This Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams DVD is designed specifically for people in mid-life (40’s – 70’s) to help maintain or regain youthful strength, flexibility, balance, good posture, and a relaxed body and mind. You’ll learn to practice over 60 yoga poses safely and effectively. Remember, yoga is the perfect exercise to help you create a vibrant healthy body, and live a long, active, full life.

Designed and taught by Jane Adams, a yoga practitioner of over 35 years with special interest and training in yoga for healthy ageing, these sequences have been developed through years of working with many mid-lifers with bodies of all shapes and abilities.

The DVD has 5 completely different sections: Full body warm-up, done lying on your back (20 minutes); Standing poses and easy movements to improve balance (33 minutes); Upper body work, done seated in a chair (13 minutes); Poses to stretch and strengthen the torso, hips and legs and quiet the mind (20 minutes); and Relaxation (7 minutes).

The poses flow seamlessly one to another at an easy-to-follow pace to make the most of your exercise time. You will be challenged in an appropriate, safe way while experiencing all the wonderful benefits of yoga. Clear instruction and demonstrations make this perfect for beginners.

Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams Reviews

“I purchased this Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams DVD to add yoga back into my life with a gentle startup and this fit what i was looking for to a tee. I am pleased with this and after using the DVD twice, i can now pick and choose just a few stretches to use when i am in a super hurry and heading out the door to work or what have you. Its well rounded and i especially like the different areas of upper and lower stretches, those on the floor and those standing up on my own two feet. Thanks for all you do for us Jane!.”

“This is the best yoga video out there for those of us that can’t for whatever reason jump into “regular” yoga. I am in midlife and have some injuries so going to a typical yoga class in the studio is frustrating because certain poses will aggravate them; yet I so need the movement and stretching and strength and flexibility. Having a home video is perfect. I can stop and start it as I want to. Being at home I can use a chair as a prop when appropriate. Jane Adams has a lovely voice and gives just the right amount of instruction for me to follow the exercise in correct form and still maintain a relaxing atmosphere. At age 55 I do not find the video too “easy” as I have some “senior” videos in the past. She describes several options on certain poses according to the viewers ability. The video is divided into several segments so I can do 20 minutes or over an hour depending on my schedule. I have only purchased this one video so I don’t know how it compares to her others, but I do know that I recommend it.”

“Great DVD! I am out of shape but using the DVD three days a week… I have had bilateral knee replacements and use the DVD. I use a kneeling pad for floor exercises and a chair for standing exercises.”

“I’m 73 and never done yoga. Really enjoyed the instructions and like the movements.”

“The Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams DVD has been a great buy for doing yoga for both my husband and me. It is done very well for a person in their 50’s. I am very happy with Jane Adams. There are also several body areas that you can do, i.e.upper body, stomach area, legs, relaxation, and lower body extremities to give you a regime for 5 days. I am enjoying this yoga tape. Worth the money!”

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Specification: Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams




7.5 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches


1 hour and 38 minutes

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