Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball


Heavy Duty Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball

  • EXTRA THICK AND ANTI-BURST: one of the highest density exercise balls in the market. 2000 micrometers in thickness and can resist up to 2200 lbs.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL AND ANTI-SLIP: Professional quality with non-toxic PVC material, free of BPA & heavy metals
  • EASY TO INFLATE AND PERFECT PACKAGE: Save time and energy with the quick inflation foot pump included in the convenient box. Also comes with 2 more air stoppers and instructions
  • VERSATILE USE: Not only great for pilates, yoga, back and abdominal training and pregnancy gymnastics or the hundreds of low impact exercises, but also can be used as office ball chair to improve your posture & relieve back pain. Available in 5 sizes.
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Heavy Duty Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball Reviews

“This Trideer extra thick yoga ball is a great TOOL ! It will not heal your back issue. It will relax ,help reduce your discomfort.
I am 68 years old . I had no problem to position my self on the ball .Then I let my feet, hands hang to the floor. This will stabilize you. You will learn your range of motion, “how to keep your balance.” Just roll back and forth,a little side to side. After 20-30 minutes you will notice decompression, less tension in your back. Next on top of the ball ,on your back ! At first this is very unstable. Have someone on their knees beside you .To help keep you stable. It takes practice ! You will learn how to position your feet to keep your balance . Do this 4-6 times. You will learn how to do this by yourself. Your back, shoulders and neck will feel better.”
“I’m that person to make something into a workout! I counted each leg when I was pumping the ball up. If I can remember correctly, I think total I pumped around 600 times. Make sure you test it out & pump it enough. Also, let sit for a day cuz you’ll have to pump it more the next day. It’s a really strong ball. It’s totally one of the best I’ve ever had. Also, pain relief being pregnant, I would say I don’t notice much. I just sit on it & bounce if I’m watching TV. Or I’ll do some stretched on my knees with it. I’ll sit at the table with it if I need to move more. Overall, it’s great. Worth the buy.”

“I got this extra thick yoga ball as a replacement for a desk chair. It fits perfectly under my desk, and the extra movement is fun. I suppose it’s a good thing that it really grips you where you sit because sliding off wouldn’t be fun, but getting used to sitting just right or readjusting took a moment or two. I also enjoy laying on it and stretching my back out, and my posture has improved. I doubt I’ll use a desk chair ever again.”

“I bought this ball for my desk at work. I have arthritis in my lower back and needed something that wasn’t going to cause me unnecessary pain. This ball has been amazing, I can do light exercises while sitting at my desk I can also use it to stretch out. I like it so much I’m considering getting one for at home as well. The only thing that I will caution is to make sure you read the instructions! This ball *WILL* fully inflate but you do have to wait 24 hours to get the ball fully inflated (by this I mean inflate the ball as much as you can then the next day finish inflating the ball so that it is at it’s full size).”

Specification: Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball




17.77 x 14.54 x 10.24 inches


2.69 Pounds

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