Why Yoga Works & How It Can Work For You

Why Yoga Works & How It Can Work For You: Based on the Teaching of T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar 

Why Yoga Works & How It Can Work For You delivers insights on the rich history and underlying philosophy of this powerful healing art. Divided into two parts, Why Yoga Works provides simple step-by-step instructions for the practice of yoga.

Part One: acquaints readers with yoga’s ancient wisdom teachings in India. Part Two: illuminates the entire range of transformational tools by offering simple practices. Easy guidelines provide the perfect foundation for creating individualized practices for yogis of all levels. Whether they be beginners, yoga teachers, or anyone interested in becoming a teacher Why Yoga Works is the perfect place to start – www.WhyYogaWorks.com

Why Yoga Works & How It Can Work For You Reviews

“Why Yoga works is an excellent book for anyone – whether you have a consistent yoga practice or you’re trying yoga for the first time.”

“Great background on the history of Yoga and the premise that Yoga can improve every aspect of our lives.”

“Well wrritten, great illustrations, love the way it is broken down and the review at the end of each chapter.This is a great book for new practitioners as well as a great review for seasoned ones.”

“A wonderful resource whether you are a new or experienced practitioner. Many yoga books are primarily concerned with “how” to do practices but do not explain “why”. This book does both seamlessly. Intricate concepts broken down into everyday language with real life examples. A must-have!”

“Why Yoga Works & How It Can Work For You is a must-have for any Yoga teacher or Yoga enthusiast. It introduces the deeper concepts of Yoga in a clear and concise way. If you are looking to further your understanding of Yoga and enrich your practice, this book is the best resource.”

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