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  • 💪 6″ DEEP TISSUE YOGA WHEEL FOR BACK PAIN PACK: High Quality 6″ back wheel + can be used to as a back cracker & stretch roller helps with yoga poses. Yoga Wheel for stretching is sweat resistant & able to withstand up to 550 LBS of resistance enabling you to perform all movements & poses with ease & safety. Yoga wheel plus yoga props spine roller features the THICKEST PADDING providing a high sense of comfort while performing yoga moves.
  • 💪 INCREASE FLEXIBILITY AND STRETCHING: yoga wheel 6 Inch yoga prop greatly improves your flexibility! Achieve deep stretches and open up your back, hips, shoulders, and chest in ways you didn’t realize could be so fun. You can actually feel the muscle tightness being released!
  • 💪 REDUCE BACK PAIN: Say goodbye to back pain as this yoga wheel set greatly reduces back pain while you stretch your entire spine and unlock those tight muscles in your upper, middle, and lower back. Feel back relief in just minutes of using our yoga buddy wheel. Say goodbye to masseuses!
  • 💪 IMPROVE POSES: One major benefit of integrating the go yoga wheel into your everyday practice is that it makes challenging backbends much more easily attainable. You can safely ease into an inversion and make slow natural progress rather than abruptly forcing a backbend movement that exceeds your current level of flexibility. Despite your current level of experience, it is a wonderful prop for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike!
  • 💪SATISFACTION ASSURED: If you have any problems with your product please let us know and we will do our best to make things right!

Yoga Wheel for Back Pain Reviews

“I am very pleased with my Yoga Wheel for back pain since making this purchase. The product is made from quality material and is quite durable. The quality combined with the price makes this a no brainer whether you’re an experienced Yogi or a novice. I love the travel bag it comes with as well. If you are constantly on the go like me, the travel bag allows you to turn any space into your personal yoga studio. Well done Yoga Buddy!”

“I had been considering buying a well advertised yoga wheel that was much more expensive but decided to give these a try! I am happy with my purchase. I will use the larger one to roll my spine on the floor and feel well supported while doing it.”

“This yoga wheel set is so awesome. The wheel is the perfect size for me. I cannot wait to test them out!”

“I loved how this helped me with my yoga workout. What a product. I recommend to beginners as well as advanced level yogi’s. I am awaiting this company’s next product.”

“This really helps with my lower back! Highly recommended! Sturdy, compact, cheap a really works!”

“I have all kinds of back issues so I bought this yoga wheel for back pain hoping it would help with the discomfort and it did!! It stretches your muscles and relieves my back pain for the day!!”

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